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Our Company.


Our Mission

We at Nate Combs Media strive to make our dreams come true while helping you achieve your own.


We illuminate the world with creative arts. In order to do that, we have built a strong foundation through networking, education, relationships, and hard work.


Our company is known for clear and friendly communication, impressive turnaround times, and remarkable quality throughout each project.


About Us

Our founders, Teshelle and ​Nate Combs have been making music and entertaining people since they were children. Nate was enrolled in his first lessons for the piano at the age of 7, and by the age of 14, was experienced enough to teach himself how to play the guitar.


His dream was to be an actor and role model for other kids. Always a creative, he enrolled in plays and appeared in small films whenever he had the chance. Nate quickly fell in love with the roles of producer and editor, and as a film academy student, he had the opportunity to participate in all other aspects of the creative media process from writer to anchor to graphic designer to music director and more.


After experimenting with free online games and beat makers, Nate Combs saved up and bought his first keyboard workstation in his final year of high school. He composed so many songs over the next two years that the keyboard ran out of memory. It was during this time that he realized that he needed to do something about his dreams.​​​


Combs continued to travel and study music and other artforms, working on many productions for other directors and completing graduate school at the Academy of Art University with an MFA in Music and Audio Production for Visual Media.


Teshelle Combs lends her talents and expertise to Nate Combs Media as a professional writer and singer. She earned her degree in creative writing in 2010 from the University of Central Florida and has published several young adult novels and poetry books, become a professional painter, and been featured on albums from a wide variety of artists.


In 2011, Nate and Teshelle started their studio. Since then, they have developed relationships with many and collaborate with talent from around the world.


Recent Reviews

We'd place more, but you'd get bored! Here are some of the most recent:

Temple of Udu: Virtual Reality / Playable


I can't recommend him enough! Nate is an ultra talented, passionate composer who will go the extra mile to capture the mood you have in mind, at the same time improving on your idea and adding his own personal flair. He has deep musical knowledge and is versed in several different styles. Anything from cartoon theme songs to classical music, he can do it. Nate definitely has what it takes to reach the top of his industry and contribute to its development. I'm really looking forward to more collaborations with him in the future!

-Thiago, Artist, Blizzard Entertainment (CA, United States)


I Love You: Commercial


Collaborating with Nate Combs on "I Love You" was a pleasure. He understood our vision and produced amazing work. His understanding of the dynamics of sound the commercial needed blew us away, and he went above and beyond in ensuring we got what was needed. From beginning to end he was the consummate professional. Nate is an extremely talented artist, and we look forward to collaborating with him again on future projects.

-Laurika, CEO / Producer, Xelestial Rain Entertainment (VI & FL, United States)

Distracted Driving: PSA


The addition of the composition “separation” by Nate Combs to the distracted driving PSA added an emotional quality that would have otherwise been missing. This musical piece took ensured this very important and necessary message transformed into a powerful one.

-Jordan, Captain, York Region Emergency Medical Services (ON, Canada)

A Gut Feeling: Animation


Nate Combs is a musical genius. I had an extremely tight deadline, and so Nate was very clear about what he could achieve. Instead, he over-delivered on every single promise.


Nate is a brilliant, down-to-earth professional, and I will continue to recommend him. We should be so lucky to work with Nate Combs in our lifetime.

-Josh, Director (CA, United States)



Again, at some point, showing every single credit and what was done gets either cocky or overwhelming for you, so here's what we've been up to from late 2019 through 2021:

Video game scores // Lucid Soul game

Album masters // Zeal House, Lucid Soul, Independent Artists

Strings arrangements for studio songs // Alfred Sergel IV, Trevor Startt, Brandon Russell Jay, Sandra Porter

Livestream audio and video setups and productions and teaching teams how to thrive in COVID // various churches and health organizations

Live performing and recording of music // various churches and other producers

Photo/Video ops // NBA legend training camps, churches, various band music videos

Book edits and designs // Beverley Shillingford, Tess Combs, Sarah A. McKinney, Smoky Hill Vineyard



The creative minds at Nate Combs Media are well connected with other artistic talent across the globe—because we can't do it all ourselves!


Home Focus: Photography, Videography


Teshelle Combs: Books, Screenplays, Paintings

Jon Bookout: Innovelore Entertainment / Lucid Soul Game

Ben Ivey: Living Oaks Studio

Mike O'Brien: Lucko Sound Studio

Bobby Spangler: Spangler Media


Giving Back

Nate Combs Media has volunteered countless hours over the years teaching young, aspiring students how to play music in a band as a unit, direct live productions, and make any of their other artistic dreams a reality. We also offer private one-on-one and group lessons to ensure that the generation of tomorrow has the proper training to get ahead in the areas of performance, production, and music education.


In addition, he and his wife help out local bands wherever they live, playing music at various community events. They have also been enlisted by churches and organizations around the US to teach workshops on live sound, musical equipment, playing music in a band, stage presence, music education, and understanding your instrument.


They both also engage in periodic writer's groups for songwriters, and Teshelle gives her time seasonally to groups for creative writers of all ages who wish to enter the fields of storytelling and writing for media.