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Our Company.


Our Mission

We at Nate Combs Media strive not only to make our dreams come true, but we aspire to aid you in achieving your own.


We want to illuminate the world with creative arts. In order to do that, we have built a strong foundation through networking, education, client relationships, and hard work.


Our company is known for clear and friendly communication, impressive turnaround times, and remarkable quality throughout each project.


About Us

Our founders, Teshelle and ​Nate Combs have been making music and entertaining people since they were children. Nate was enrolled in his first lessons for the piano at the age of 7, and by the age of 14, was experienced enough to teach himself how to play the guitar.


His dream was to be an actor and role model for other kids. Always a creative, he enrolled in plays and appeared in small films whenever he had the chance. Nate quickly fell in love with the roles of producer and editor, and as a film academy student, he had the opportunity to participate in all other aspects of the creative media process from writer to anchor to graphic designer to music director and more.


After experimenting with free online games and beat makers, Nate Combs saved up and bought his first keyboard workstation in his final year of high school. He composed so many songs over the next two years that the keyboard ran out of memory. It was during this time that he realized that he needed to do something about his dreams.​​​


Combs continued to travel and study music and other artforms, working on many productions for other directors and completing graduate school at the Academy of Art University with an MFA in Music and Audio Production for Visual Media.


Teshelle Combs lends her talents and expertise to Nate Combs Media as a professional writer and singer. She earned her degree in creative writing in 2010 from the University of Central Florida and has since published several young adult novels.


In 2011, Nate and Teshelle started their studio. Since then, they have developed relationships with many new clients and have brought on board additional musical, production, and voiceover talent.



Temple of Udu: Virtual Reality / Playable


I can't recommend him enough! Nate is an ultra talented, passionate composer who will go the extra mile to capture the mood you have in mind, at the same time improving on your idea and adding his own personal flair. He has deep musical knowledge and is versed in several different styles. Anything from cartoon theme songs to classical music, he can do it. Nate definitely has what it takes to reach the top of his industry and contribute to its development. I'm really looking forward to more collaborations with him in the future!

-Thiago, Artist, Blizzard Entertainment (CA, United States)


I Love You: Commercial


Collaborating with Nate Combs on "I Love You" was a pleasure. He understood our vision and produced amazing work. His understanding of the dynamics of sound the commercial needed blew us away, and he went above and beyond in ensuring we got what was needed. From beginning to end he was the consummate professional. Nate is an extremely talented artist, and we look forward to collaborating with him again on future projects.

-Laurika Jude, CEO / Producer, Xelestial Rain Entertainment (VI & FL, United States)


Pie In The Sky: Film / Animation


Even though we only interacted offsite, it was one of the best and smoothest collaborations for this film. Nate guided me through many options and different styles of music to best achieve what I was seeking with little direction.


He showed me his expertise and that he was an artist I could trust and rely [on] completely. Working offsite with someone can be demanding, yet his good sense of humor, politeness and detailed-oriented mindset made my job much easier.


It was such a pleasure working with Nate and I have no doubt that he will make an invaluable asset in any production he may be a part of.

-Sara, Director (CA, United States)


Distracted Driving: PSA


The addition of the composition “separation” by Nate Combs to the distracted driving PSA added an emotional quality that would have otherwise been missing. This musical piece took ensured this very important and necessary message transformed into a powerful one.

-Jordan, Captain, York Region Emergency Medical Services (ON, Canada)


Alien Antics!: Animation


Since there [wasn't] any dialogue, I wanted some fantastic music that would be the voice of my movie. It also needed to be unique and dynamic, and Nate Combs came through with flying colors. His masterfully crafted and intricate score complemented the action wonderfully and really helps to add another level of richness to overall viewing experience.

 -Terry, Director, World of Terry (CA, United States)


A Gut Feeling: Animation


Nate Combs is a musical genius. I had an extremely tight deadline, and so Nate was very clear about what he could achieve. Instead, he over-delivered on every single promise.


Nate is a brilliant, down-to-earth professional, and I will continue to recommend him. We should be so lucky to work with Nate Combs in our lifetime.

-Josh, Director (CA, United States)


Naia's Nursery: Animation


It was such a pleasure working with Nate Combs! He was self-motivated, enthusiastic, and very passionate about composing music [and] came through and completed the project ahead of schedule! During our collaboration, he was very professional, easy to talk to, and very quick at responding to emails. The piece he made for me sounded so beautiful. It really brought the film to life! The music score created the romantic ambiance I was searching for. When an opportunity comes, I would definitely collaborate with Nate again!

-Joanna, Director (CA, United States)


Floppy Box: Video Game


Nate has repeatedly gone above and beyond all of my expectations in both quality and service. Just by giving him a theme or a simple tune, Nate Combs Media has composed for me five different songs [or scores]. My current projects are nothing without their music, and that's why I plan on hiring them for all of my musical and audio related needs. I highly recommend them to anyone who requires custom audio and music for their projects.  

 -Jeremy, Ikinine (OH, United States)


Journey to Peace: Live Production


"[I] was the project manager of the Journey to Peace project. This was a city wide advertised program and we had over 400 hundred people attend. This project was a massive under-taking for me and I can honestly say I could have never accomplished it with out Nate. He produced multiple songs and recorded multiple scenes for the production. I have never worked with anyone this talented and extremely enjoyed it. He immediately understood my vision and always kept it in mind through producing all the different recordings and scenes. Nate is a man of character and integrity and never let me down on a deadline.

      -Kristy, Producer (FL, United States)


​Story of the Fallen: Video Game


That's all I can wish for in only one song. I don't know what to say, a thousand times thank you…the whole song is perfect. I really love the violin and the piano. It is an intense song, and yet you feel the sadness in this song. I've heard many [other] pieces made by Nate Combs and I really loved them. So I thought I'll give it a try and [have] him make music for my RPG.

       -Dennis, Independent Game Developer (Germany)

Poet 2011: Video Game

After sifting through countless audio samples, it was both a blessing and a pleasure to find and use Nate Combs Media's "Edge of Night" in my project. [The] battle number had a wonderful build up and [the] use of violins supplied the game with the perfect fantastical atmosphere. What the game lacked in, Nate managed to make up for, and he is definitely a person I'd look forward to working with in the future.

       -Joshua, The Immortal Stories (NYC, United States)

Not Now, Robbie Santis: Self-titled Album

Nate Combs is very much so a competent musician, and creative mind, when it comes to the studio. I had the pleasure of having him track on one of my songs, and even though I couldn't put my finger on what I wanted, he executed it perfectly.

      -Robbie, Singer/Songwriter (FL, United States)

Legend of Exodia: Video Game

I liked the song, the tempo was just perfect, and the reason why I chose you is that your songs sounded promising. The menu theme fits well, and I would like to have more awesome songs like it.

      -Miska, Independent Game Developer (Finland)

VFX Showcase

That's awesome and absolutely perfect!!! I can't believe how fast you made it.

      -Colleen, The Rocket Miner (WY, United States)

Kenosis: Album

Nate Combs has an understanding for music, composition, production, and sound engineering that is divinely endued. He is able to facilitate a creative process that preserves culture, personality, and style. He has command of melody, harmony, chords, rhythms, instruments, vocals, and arrangement. I highly recommend him for any genre.

      -Lennox, Singer/Songwriter (Dominica)


Facility / Hoverchase: Video Games


Holy crap man, that was fast! It's perfect, I love it.​ This music fits perfectly with the theme I wanted. I'm excited. This music adds a new level of depth to my game. I was amazed how fast the song was made and how professional it sounded. Exactly what I wanted. (Facility)


Of course [fans] love the music…it was like an unstoppable blast of pure mid 90's carnage. (Hoverchase)

      -Alan, Game Developer, AlanPlease (FL, United States)


Robbie Santis, Ugly Worship Live: Albums


Nate Combs is the rare real deal. I have never met anyone so committed to bringing their A game to the table 100% of the time. As a multi-talented musician for hire, he shows up pre-pared, without an ego, and does whatever it takes to serve the song. As a producer and composer, he's going to bring a focused, professional, and passionate attitude to your project.

       -Caleb, Producer/Songwriter, Vineyard of the Islands (FL, United States)


Paradise in Chains: Animation


You are a great person to work with for you have a great musical [and voiceover] talent! Your music is very expressive, and we can tell what it symbolizes without even looking at the title.

      -Chloe, Animator (France)



"Lucid Soul," 2018-19 - Video Game    Composing / Arranging / Recording / Mixing / Mastering

"Living the Southwest Florida Life," 2018 - TV Show    Composing / Arranging / Recording / Mixing / Mastering

"Justin of Zamoreville," 2018 - Book    Layout / Editing

"The Art of Blessing," 2018 - DVD Series    Producing / Directing / Mixing / Mastering / Editing / Graphics / Translation

"Blessings that Destroy Curses," 2018 - DVD Series    Producing / Directing / Editing / Graphics / Translation

"Beautiful Mess," 2017-18 - Studio EP    Producing / Instrumentalist / Mixing / Mastering

"A Charlie Brown Christmas," 2017 - Live Production    Composing / Arranging / Conducting

"Vineyard TLO, LTM, and WLRS," 2017 - National Performances    Guitarist / Drummer

"The Helper," 2017 - DVD Series    Producing / Directing / Editing / Graphics / Translation

"Various Photography and Wedding Videography," 2017 - Photo/Video    Directing / Editing / Mixing / Mastering

"Useless to Useful," 2017 - DVD Series    Producing / Directing / Mixing / Mastering / Editing / Graphics / Videography

"Ugly Beatitudes," 2017 - DVD Series    Producing / Directing / Mixing / Mastering / Editing / Graphics / Videography

"A Charlie Brown Christmas," 2016 - Live Production    Composing / Arranging / Conducting

"Fantasie," 2016 - Concert Piece   Composing / Arranging  (Mixing / Mastering on recording)

"The Power of Ugly," 2016 - DVD Series   Composing / Arranging / Mixing / Mastering / Videography / Directing / Editing / Graphics

"The Power of Ugly," 2016 - Book   Editing / Graphics / Layout

"The Throne Room," 2016 - Virtual Reality Video Game   Composing / Arranging / Mixing / Mastering

"A Charlie Brown Christmas," 2015 - Live Production   Composing / Arranging / Conducting / Bass Guitar

"Magical Otoge Melanie," 2015 - Video Game   Composing / Arranging / Mixing / Mastering

"I Love You," 2015 - Commercial   Composing / Arranging / Sound Design / Re-mixing / Re-mastering

"The System," 2015 - Book   Layout / Graphic Design / Editing

"Come Have Your Way," 2015 - Album   Arranging / Recording / Piano

"Sake," 2015 - Book   Layout / Graphic Design / Editing

"Grab That!," 2015 - Video Game   Composing / Arranging / Mixing / Mastering

"Hoverchase," 2015 - Video Game   Composing / Arranging / Mixing / Mastering

"Core," 2015 - Audiobook   Voiceover / Production

“Pie in the Sky,” 2014 - Film and Animation   Composing / Arranging / Recording / Choir / Mixing

“Alex Harvey,” 2014 - EP   Producing / Recording / Mixing / Mastering

"Vane," 2014 - Book   Layout / Graphic Design / Editing

"Sole," 2014 - Book   Layout / Graphic Design / Editing

“Pivotal Moment,” 2014 - Film   Composing / Arranging / Recording / Performing / Mixing / Mastering

"You People," - 2014 - Single   Producing / Writing / Arranging / Recording / Performing / Vocals / Mixing / Mastering

“Naia's Nursery,” 2014 - Animated Film   Composing / Arranging / Mixing / Mastering

“A Gut Feeling,” 2014 - Animated Film   Composing / Sound Design / Arranging / Recording / Mixing / Mastering

“Alien Antics!” 2014 - Animated Film   Composing / Arranging

“Crossing Stripes,” 2014 - Animated Film   Composing / Arranging / Recording / Choir / Mixing / Mastering

“Starfighter Wars,” 2014 - Video Game   Composing / Arranging / Mixing / Mastering

“Floppy Box,” 2014 - Video Game   Composing / Sound Design / Arranging / Recording / Mixing / Mastering

"Needing You," 2014 - Single   Producing / Writing / Arranging / Recording / Performing / Vocals / Mixing / Mastering

“Paradise in Chains, Episode 2-4” 2014 - Animation   Voiceover

“Gamaton,” 2013 - Digital Comic   Composing

“Storm of Fate,” 2013 - Video Game   Composing

“SugoiCon,” 2013 - Convention   Composing

"Vineyard Park," 2013 - Studio EP   Producing / Arranging / Mixing / Mastering

“Paradise in Chains, Episode 1” 2013 - Animation   Composer / Voiceover

“Facility,” 2013 - Video Game   Composing / Arranging / Mixing / Mastering

“Mercenary Maiden,” 2013 - Video Game   Voiceover

“Story of the Fallen,” 2013 - Video Game   Composing / Arranging / Mixing / Mastering

“Legend of Exodia,” 2013 - Video Game   Composing / Arranging / Mixing / Mastering

“Robbie Santis,” 2013 - Album   Performance and co-arranging of track "Not Now"

“Ugly Worship Live,” 2013 - Album   Performance / Recording / Assistant Producing

“Dunk City,” 2013 - Viral FGCU Music Video   Producing / Recording / Mixing

“Eagles Throwin' Alleys,” 2013 - Viral FGCU Music Video   Producing / Recording / Mixing / Original Remix

"Core," 2013 - Book   Graphic Design / Layout

“Core,” 2013 - Novel, Book Trailer   Composing / Arranging / Mixing / Mastering

“Festival of Lights,” 2012 - Live Production   Voiceover

“Besos Eternos,” 2012 - Film   Composing / Arranging / Mixing / Mastering

“The Good Apples,” 2012 - Film   Composing / Arranging / Mixing

“Mother Gooseland,” 2012 - Play   Voiceover

“Poet 2011,” 2011 - Video Game   Composing / Arranging / Mixing

“Journey to Peace,” 2011 - Live Production   Co-Producing / Composing / Arranging / Recording / Mixing / Voiceover

“Kenosis,” 2011 - Album   Producing / Performing / Vocals / Recording / Mixing / Mastering



The creative minds at Nate Combs Media are well connected with other artistic talent across the globe—because we can't do it all ourselves!


Shayne Wolfe: Photography, Videography


Teshelle Combs: Books, Screenplays, Paintings


Global Voice Acting Academy: Voice Acting Education (led by Cristina Milizia

Jon Bookout: Innovelore Entertainment / Lucid Soul Game


Giving Back

Each week, Nate Combs volunteers his time to teach young, aspiring students how to play music in a band as a unit. He and his wife also offer private one-on-one and group lessons to ensure that the generation of tomorrow has the proper training to get ahead in the areas of performance, production, and music education.


In addition, he and his wife help out local bands in the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area, playing music at various community events. They have also been enlisted by churches and organizations around the state of Florida to teach workshops on live sound, musical equipment, playing music in a band, stage presence, music education, and understanding your instrument.


They both also engage in periodic writer's groups for songwriters, and Teshelle gives her time seasonally to groups for creative writers of all ages who wish to enter the fields of storytelling and writing for media.


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