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Sharp eyes. Deep understanding. Broken boxes.

Books We've Worked On

Services and Rates

Proofreading only :: $2 per page

Proofreading + Layout :: $2pp per format, minimum 2 formats (i.e. $2pp for print and $2pp for eBook)

Copy Edits :: $3 per page

Copy + Layout :: $3pp per format, minimum 2 formats

Line Edits :: $3 per page

Line + Layout :: $3pp per format, minimum 2 formats

Content Edits :: $3 per page

Content + Layout :: $3 pp per format, minimum 2 formats

The Whole Deal (Single pass) :: $5 per page, +$4pp for second format + layout

The Whole Deal (Triple pass) :: $10 per page, +$4pp for second format + layout

Layout only :: $1 per page per format


Because you'll find contrasting ideas of editing terms online, here is how we define and use them at NCM so you know exactly what you're getting. This goes both for fiction and non-fiction/leadership titles.

Proofreading :: Simple proofing of your work for general, easy-to-find errors (due to its simple nature, proofreading is not a part of "The Whole Deal")*
Copy Edits :: Detailed grammatical, spelling, and consistency of structure editing
Line Edits :: Making your sentences clear, free of redundancies, and able to flow nicely in a way that agrees with your style
Content Edits :: A deep study of your work that uncovers any inconsistencies in facts, details, story, characters, etc.
Layout :: Formatting your material to be read as an eBook or traditional printed book
The Whole Deal :: Just a warning. It's impossible to discover every error in the single pass, but errors will be greatly reduced. It's actually a double single pass, as both print and eBook are edited separately at the same time. *Assumes you have taken care of basic proofreading ahead of time and are ready for detailed and focused edits.

Because eBooks have unlimited options for pages and font sizes, page pricing for eBook formatting is based off of the number of pages in the final Microsoft Word document.

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