Better together…and a little faster too.

No need to let frustrating issues get you down. Over the years, we've gone through them so you don't have to. Our rate is $60 per hour, and we are available both in person and remotely.


Vocal workshops for both lead and harmonies

How to communicate as a lead singer

Understanding music theory (multiple parts)

How to drum in a live band

Creative electric guitar for churches

Bass: the simple, the complex, the pocket

How to simplify piano, organ, and synth

Blending as a band

Writing orchestra parts…including woodwinds!

MIDI, VSTs, DAWs, and keyswitches

Photo :: Video

Indoor lighting and bulbs

Outdoor shooting

Lenses, ISO, f stop (aperture), and shutter speed

Camera types and purposes

Color correction

Audio & Voiceover

Creative locations, props & poses

Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro & alternatives

4k :: The extra camera operator


Improving your style

Understanding your limitations & pet practices

Cultural miscommunications

Big picture thinking

Leadership Development


Mixing in any live scenario

Creating a studio mix

Routing complex equipment

Setting up and recording in a studio

Creating separate house & online mixes from one board

Tone, EQ, and Dynamics

Understanding effects…including guitar pedals

Stage noise: monitors, amps, and drums

Communicating with a band

Where's that buzz coming from?

Live Broadcasting

Setting up streaming / Upgrading in-house to online

Producers, directors, and rundowns

Facebook live & YouTube

Maintaining professional equipment and practices

In-house vs online graphics

Building a team and communication

Camera shots and locations

Understanding online audio

After the show

Business Tech

Creating and managing a marketable YouTube channel

Doing it all alone? Covering the art basics

Have a team? Group trainings are fantastic

Building a home studio/office

Selecting the right computer for your needs

How to better lead and serve your team

Best philosophies for new leaders

The hard work of critical thinking