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Production and Narration Samples

Your stories — alive beyond the page.

Self Help / Romance

Karyn O'Bryant

Non-fiction / Fiction, 1st-3rd Person

Jeffrey Kafer

Romance / Comedy / Crime

Rachel Fulginiti

Suspense / Action / Adventure

Adam Verner


Cristina Milizia

Mystery / Suspense

Erik Braa


Nancy Nazari

Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Educational

Tom Dheere

Sci-fi / Action

Teshelle Combs

Self Improvement

Kim Stilson

Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Nate Combs

Services Provided

Narrationone of our talented actors reads your book aloud for our producers

Productionfour main steps that turn your words into, well, words

1) Recording — setting up a microphone in a treated room for the actor to read your story

2) Editing — re-recording overdubs, cutting out mistakes or excessive mouth noises, organizing pacing

3) Mastering — adjusting the sound quality to get appropriate volume and voice tone as well as consistency

4) Formatting — converting files to meet ACX requirements so your book can be uploaded to Audible

Rates — per finished hour (pfh)

You've already narrated and recorded your own book

Studio (Production) Fee — $150-200 pfh


There is only so much we can do to enhance a poorly captured recording or to restore an incorrectly converted file. If you plan to record a narration on your own, make sure to invest in the proper equipment.


We are narrating and producing your entire audiobook

Ask about our special rates for your children's book.

Studio (Production) Fee — $100-200 pfh

Narration (Voice Actor's) Fee — $150-250 pfh

Contact us with the details of your needs and a sample of your book for a quote.

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